Morag Totten, Glass Artist

Using colored glass and organic shapes, Australian artist Morag Totten designs vibrant one-of-a-kind glass sculptures that are unique to the place where they will be displayed and enjoyed. Her pieces glow with color and light. We are huge fans of Morag's work, and when we purchased the Silver Star Café, we knew that her beautiful glass sculptures would be part of it. See more about Morag at, and contact her at

Grunge Simple
Grunge Simple

Sedona Callahan, Photographer

Award-winning photographer Sedona Callahan's camera captures landscapes and wildlife found throughout the West. An avid hiker, she ventures into national parks, backcountry trails, and the landscapes around Park City to photograph the details and nuances that tell stories of our natural world. We wanted her work at the Silver Star Café to show the beauty that our guests will encounter by taking to the trail, on bike or on foot, directly from the Silver Star plaza into the mountains that surround us. See more of Sedona's work at, and contact her at

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FALL HOURS: CURRENTLY CLOSED for fall break October 26 to December 2. Reopening Thursday, Dec 3 for lunch, dinner and our acoustic music dinner show!





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